Dec 29

A year after liberalization of the Livret A, the Caisse d'Epargne, La Banque Postale and Cr?dit Mutuel drain still nearly 90% of the stock. Other banks, which last year may also offer the booklet to their customers, opened 9 million this year, representing nearly 27 billion euros. They have actually focused their efforts on [...]

Dec 25

The phenomenon is new. Between 2009 and 2010, the debt of most developed countries will literally fly. The average debt of countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), representing 73.1% of GDP in 2007 should reach 100% by 2011. Clearly, the average debt of OECD countries will equal then the total [...]

Dec 22

China never ceases to show strong growth insolent, given the economic performance of developed countries. The government announced Monday it was a growth of 8% in 2010, the same as that expected for 2009.
The Chinese economy could do even better. The OECD estimates, as many economists that the figure could reach 10%. [...]

Dec 18

The new center-right government led by Angela Merkel on Friday faces his first test since the elections. The Bundesrat, the upper house of Parliament, has to decide about 8.5 billion euros of tax cuts that Chancellor defends against all odds in 2010. However, it faces fierce opposition from various federal states led by his [...]

Dec 15

The first results of the survey of 102,000 employees of France Telecom are falling, and they are not in favor of the operator. "Felt generally very degraded", "weakening the physical and mental health of some employees'" work atmosphere tense, even violent "are some of the findings prepared by the firm specializes Technologia at the [...]

Dec 11

Finally. With a year and a half years behind its original schedule, the Airbus A400M military must conduct its first test flight Friday morning. Unless last-minute incident, the aircraft must fly 10 hours to Seville in Spain, where the manufacturer assembles this revolutionary turboprop. The inaugural flight of 3 hours has been entrusted to [...]

Dec 8
The Paris Bourse stable
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The Paris Bourse was stable Tuesday morning, Wall Street yesterday, giving little direction to markets. The statement made the day before, by Ben Bernanke on monetary policy of the United States has also not move the market. The chairman of the Federal Reserve has however indicated that the central bank would keep interest rates [...]

Dec 1

In presenting his 2010 budget to Parliament, Giorgos Papakonstantinou did not mince his words. The Greek finance minister said the "state of emergency we have a deficit of nearly 30 billion and a debt estimated at 300 billion euros," he said. The economy is close to insolvency and sow confusion in the eurozone weakened [...]