Apr 28

A denied "categorically". Fabrice Tourre, a trader at the heart of the case heard Goldman Sachs on Tuesday by U.S. lawmakers, denies all charges against him and issued against the bank by the SEC, the U.S. financial policeman. In his written testimony, he denied the charge of the market authority that it did not [...]

Apr 27

The index futures are predicting a cautious opening of U.S. markets. Shortly before the opening of Wall Street, futures on indices Standard & Poor's 500 and Nasdaq 100 yielded 0.41%, to 1203.30 points, and 0.37% at 2039.75 points.
The Dow Jones is expected to slightly decline, -0.22% to 11,126 points.
The small [...]

Apr 26

The company, which sells cosmetics and herbal Provence, today launched an offer reserved for the Asian market, covering 25% of its capital, half through a capital increase. She hopes to raise 530 million euros as well. The sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp. should attend to the tune of 50 million dollars. L'Occitane operates [...]

Apr 23

Ingenico believes to be on track to meet its financial targets in 2010 after seeing its sales on a constant increase of 8.8% in the first quarter.
Sales of specialist electronic payment terminals totaled 173.2 million euros against 153.3 million a year earlier, a growth that the group deems consistent with its expectations. [...]

Apr 23

The Paris Bourse is expected to continue to decline on Thursday, after a sharp decline (-1.22%) the previous day amid concerns related to government debt. The Greek interest rates to ten years has exceeded 8% in the day Wednesday. Investors wonder if Greece will well repay the debt, with growth stifled by a plan [...]

Apr 21

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Wednesday nudged up its forecast for global growth but said the risks to the recovery, particularly the developed countries' public debt and imbalances in capital flows. In fact, the institution has maintained its growth forecast for the eurozone to 1% in 2010, while stressing the fragility of the recovery [...]

Apr 18

"I found the very first meeting with the minister on Monday that dialogue was skewed," said Bernard Thibault in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche published this morning. While the consultation of social partners about the pension reform started last Monday, the secretary general of the CGT complained of "double standards" required by [...]

Apr 17

The third U.S. airline, United Airlines, and the fourth, Continental Airlines, have resumed discussions on a possible merger of the two entities reported in the New York Times. The dialogue is not yet in its infancy. Negotiations had been held on this same subject two years earlier, but Continental had broken the commitment to [...]

Apr 14

Twitter's business model is taking shape. Soon, advertisements will appear in the search microblogging site, announced Tuesday its co-founder Biz Stone. According to a system already proven by Google, advertisers choose the keywords that they want to be involved. The restaurant chain Starbucks for example, might display its advertisements to members seeking Twitter messages [...]

Apr 14

Investment bank Morgan Stanley could lose nearly two-thirds of the 8.8 billion invested in global real estate fund, the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds (MSREF) VI International reports the Wall Street Journal. This loss represents about 5.4 billion dollars. If the information is confirmed, it would be the biggest loss ever by an investment [...]

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