Apr 18
Bankers' pay rose sharply in 2013
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Arnaud, Minister of Economy, blasted Thursday in the Senate, increases remuneration of French bosses banks 20132. For him, these salaries are unjustified because banks n have not fulfilled their mission to finance the economy. This recurring accusation surprised because the Bank of France had to disclose statistics rather positive on this point. "The figures [...]

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Apr 7

probably enough to silence a critical part in choosing Vivendi 1Who opted for a sale of SFR 2to Numericable3. Patrick Drahi clever maneuver, the boss Altice-Numericable, announced Monday morning that its holding Altice 4allait buy stake of 34.6% held by Carlyle (21.32%) and Cinven (13.27%) in Numericable. At the current price of Numericable action, [...]

Apr 4
Marriage and Mr. Castorama DIY
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 The British giant
Kingfisher1 Owner Castorama2 and Brico Depot and European leader bricolage3, will also become number one in France before its competitor Adeo4 (Leroy Merlin5 and Bricoman). It entered into exclusive negotiations to buy Mr. Bricolage6, number three with 11.3% market share in France. Kingfisher, which already owned 34% to arrogate in a few [...]

Apr 2

This time it's war. Smoldering since December. And Tuesday, the National Council of the automobile (CNPA1), which includes the French dealers professions, took the plunge and assigned Chevrolet France, a subsidiary of General Motors, before the High Court of Pontoise. At the root of the conflict, the decision of General Motors, announced on December [...]

Mar 20
Italy Renzi will cut in public
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A week after announcing 10 billion tax cuts on income, the Italian government headed by Matteo Renzi 1s'attaque public expenditure. Goal: not too far from the limit of 3% deficit

set by Brussels.

"We will reduce public spending by 32 billion euros (about 800 billion euros) in three years. Nobody else has ever done! [...]

Mar 12

"You can eat, dress, move with French products, provided they agree to change their way of eating, and it even takes a lot of sacrifices," Benjamin says Carle1 journalist 25 years who lived for one year 100% French2. Since May, from sunrise to sunset, the young journalist turned into guinea pig made in France [...]

Mar 9

what got stung for François Hollande proposes that, on December 31 evening, a "pact of responsibility"? So that it takes a social democratic turn that nobody saw coming, deemed essential to get the economy back on track? In the shade, some influential players have worked hard in his conversion.
This article is available [...]

Mar 7

Four unions employment1 Pole (FP, Snu-FSU, CGT, Sud) called the strike on March 18 "against the pact of responsibility" and "denouncing working conditions internally," the Snu-FSU. "We we join the call confederations to protest against the pact of responsibility and higher salaries in the public service, and also bear specific employment center claims: improved working [...]

Feb 17

After a crime, you must act quickly to prevent pollution and degradation scene evidence. Police Queensland is currently testing a 3D scanner environment, the Zebedee1. The technology used to generate a 3D drawing of the desired place in just 20 minutes, depending Wired2. The police can easily use the Zebedee because it fits in [...]

Feb 6

After Radiall founded and directed for thirty years, one of the jewels of the French electronic CNPF chaired from 1981 to 1986, Yvon Gattaz, 88, has given the reins of the family business to his son Pierre, the current boss MEDEF saving account pay day loan. He now devotes himself to his association and [...]

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