Aug 26

 After Cecilia
Duflot1 is now claiming Arnaud Montebourg2 real change to the executive. The minsitre of Economy has called this weekend "to change" policy choices. "We need to bring alternative solutions," he said in a long interview with the newspaper Le Monde. A speech that frankly contrast with the words of François Hollande3 and Manuel [...]

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Aug 24

is doing well, thank you worry. "We still have French oysters fished there two weeks," said the server in a fancy restaurant. "We have more fresh, coming from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (in the Russian Far East)," he reassures. More fresh fish at the supermarket? "We'll go fishing this weekend!" Jokes Andrei, a chubby [...]

Aug 13

"I hate the word promotion. I first rugby because I love it. " Rather than good image, and now the former International XV of France coentraîneure ladies player, Nathalie Amiel prefers to speak of the beautiful game displayed by his players. "Show a beautiful image that's great, but the image is only the result [...]

Aug 8

 The fusion1
Walgreen and Alliance Boots 2aura in early 2015 but it is no question that it obeys tax incentives, said Wednesday the American distributor. Pharmacies3 chain Walgreen, which holds 45% of Alliance Boots since 2012, will acquire the 55% remaining to £ 3.1 billion (€ 4 billion). The new group will hold the first [...]

Jul 24

throughout the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is considered arid. The French group has yet to Castel1 there produce its first batch of cabernet and chardonnay, merlot and syrah at 1600 meters altitude. The adventure began in 2007, at the request of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who wanted to produce a local quality wine. One [...]

Jul 5

threatened with stagflation in Japanese? This worst-case scenario for the Nordic champion, a leaded for over ten years, failing economy growth, is mentioned by several economists, including Paul Krugman recently, Nobel Prize 2008. Research institute Anglo-Saxon Capital Economics, very listened markets, has just published a note entitled "Sweden Is Japan in the North?".

In [...]

Jun 29
Battle on Internet for vacation rentals
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 He did not
maybe not the media notoriety Site Airbnb, but the world's leading online vacation rental called HomeAway. This American group, owner, France, HomeAway and the Homelidays sites offers rentals worldwide. He started with 70,000 listings for apartments and holiday homes there nine years. He just crossed the barrier of one million ads. "In [...]

May 2

 If ever
auction were to take place between Electric1 General (GE) and Siemens, the giant would the respondent. He is sitting on $ 89 billion of cash. This jackpot is accumulated profits over the years by the conglomerate. Such a wealth explains that offering to pay $ 13.5 billion in "cash" for Alstom's activities in [...]

Apr 29

 Start the day
pointing. A gesture that makes many employees but becomes mandatory for British long-term unemployed. They will now move to sign the daily log of their "job center", the English equivalent of employment1 Pole. Unemployed can also choose to volunteer for six months at 30 hours per week. Those who will not comply [...]

Apr 15

 The Ukrainian crisis
Will it poses to the health of world trade? In its report released Monday, the WTO states that it does not take into account "geopolitical risks" because, by definition, they are unpredictable. The organization Geneva nonetheless stresses that conflicts, including between Russia and Ukraine1, increase the uncertainty of its predictions, generally optimistic. [...]

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