Sep 1
New rules for bankrupt country
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 Major international banks
do learn from setbacks Argentina with vautours1 funds. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), which includes investment banking, asset management and other key players in global finance managers, has published new rules it would like respect, in order to avoid the future a minority of creditors from blocking the debt restructuring of [...]

Aug 26

 After Cecilia
Duflot1 is now claiming Arnaud Montebourg2 real change to the executive. The minsitre of Economy has called this weekend "to change" policy choices. "We need to bring alternative solutions," he said in a long interview with the newspaper Le Monde. A speech that frankly contrast with the words of François Hollande3 and Manuel [...]

Aug 20

 The news
what give cold sweats lovers Nutella1. Hailstorms and frosts have greatly damaged the crops of hazelnuts in Turkey, which has 70% of global output, raising fears of production of 540,000 tonnes this year against 800,000 in normal times. Result: the price of nut jumped 60% this year, from $ 6500 (4880 euros) to [...]

Aug 18

 France has
she made her digital revolution in the book? Not really, if one believes GfK figures: in 2013, 5 million e-books were purchased, for a turnover of EUR 44 million, or just over 1% of the French market Book. However, this slump would be taking end. "The trend is very strong, and we are [...]

Aug 13

"I hate the word promotion. I first rugby because I love it. " Rather than good image, and now the former International XV of France coentraîneure ladies player, Nathalie Amiel prefers to speak of the beautiful game displayed by his players. "Show a beautiful image that's great, but the image is only the result [...]

Aug 3

 The American Adventure
Free1 suspended the decision of the Board of Directors of T-Mobile2. A board operator was to meet Friday afternoon to discuss the surprise offer made yesterday by the French operator, which has led to an increase of 6.5% its action on Wall Street. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal3, Xavier [...]

Jul 15

 Better than Google
Glass1, intelligent lens? It is, in any case, the purpose of the laboratory Novartis2 comes to ally with Google3 to develop intelligent medical lenses. The agreement between Alcon, Novartis subsidiary of Ophthalmology, and the world champion of the Internet will combine the technological advances of Google in the miniaturization of electronics expertise [...]

Jul 14

maintained the suspense these days, the direction of Airbus1 ruled. She decided to launch a "neo" version, that is to say remotorisée of its long-haul A330. Except setbacks, the decision should be formalized, from this Monday, July 14, by Fabrice Brégier2, CEO of aircraft manufacturer, at the opening of the Farnborough Airshow in England. [...]

Jul 8

Public Investment Bank has a new president. And this is Pierre-René Lemas1, the Director General of the Caisse des Dépôts, which, as was revealed Les Echos, will take this function. This dual role is logical Bpifrance 50-50 2est a subsidiary of the State and the CDC. The first proposes the Director General (Nicolas Dufourcq), [...]

Jun 29
Battle on Internet for vacation rentals
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 He did not
maybe not the media notoriety Site Airbnb, but the world's leading online vacation rental called HomeAway. This American group, owner, France, HomeAway and the Homelidays sites offers rentals worldwide. He started with 70,000 listings for apartments and holiday homes there nine years. He just crossed the barrier of one million ads. "In [...]

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