Nov 24


Correspondent in Brussels Juncker The Commission will not punish France on its public deficit, but it s 'act only from a four-month suspended sentence for it to quickly correct the budget shooting and accelerate the implementation of the required reforms, said Sunday evening several European leaders.
"This is anything but a discharge." The [...]

Nov 10

OM1 first championship of France Football PSG2 second. Never seen before a Classic for 20 years (at the time, occupied the first place Paris and Marseille, the second note) *! An unprecedented situation which gives the meeting a new status and makes it appear more attractive. On a sporting level, Marseille seems, according to [...]

Nov 8

Sworn promise, this time, the tax frenzy is well and truly over. A little over a year after announcing a "break fiscale1" – not held this year – the head of state took Thursday soir2 a much more precise commitment that the French will remind him if he never meets not. "From next year, [...]

Nov 4

To get money into the coffers next year, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said in his letter to the European Commission that it intended to implement "new measures to accelerate and strengthen the fight against fraud and tax optimization. "1 400 of the 900 million Euros it expects to recover must come to an acceleration [...]

Oct 29

After a standoff with EDF1 in the bill on énergétique2 transition, Segolene Royal3, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, announced that it wanted to introduce a new calculation method of regulated electricity prices that would always contain price increases. Qu'EDF4 rates apply today to 28.5 million homes in France, despite opening the market [...]

Oct 24

The letter from the European Commission 1 to France to seek clarification on the budget is "very common," said Francois Hollande 2to 3in Brussels Thursday night to Friday at the end of the first acts of the European Council. This justifies in his Paris that refuses to publish it, unlike Italy, which was posted [...]

Sep 24

The management of Air France and the state – the majority shareholder of the company with 15.90% of the shares – are not in tune. After 10 days of grève1, the Secretary of State for Transport announced this morning the abandonment by the company of Transavia Europe project. "The Transavia Europe project is abandoned [...]

Sep 19

The issue of the future of information LCI1 chain is at the heart of the concerns of TF12 group. After the CSA's decision not to allow LCI to switch to DTT, TF1 has been considering the future of the chain and is expected to unveil its findings at a works council, which will meet [...]

Sep 17

The market for online reservation for restaurants decidedly sharpened appetites. The leading LaFourchette1 and its Michelin Restaurants2 challenger, arrives from Tuesday Yelp3 the newcomer, the site specializes in local shops. Next opinions and presentations Businesses listed, it is now possible for the customer to reserve a table a few clicks before receiving confirmation text [...]

Sep 1
New rules for bankrupt country
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 Major international banks
do learn from setbacks Argentina with vautours1 funds. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), which includes investment banking, asset management and other key players in global finance managers, has published new rules it would like respect, in order to avoid the future a minority of creditors from blocking the debt restructuring of [...]

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