Aug 21

At Utrecht in the center of R & D brand new dedicated to nutrition, it goes to the heart of the reactor Danone. We are talking immunology and metabolic diseases. 400 researchers in white coats develop including powdered milk for allergy or premature babies. We are here to light years of the origins of [...]

Aug 11

The crossings will be more secure. Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) indeed developing a radar system to detect the presence of cars on the tracks when a train passes, says a spokesman for the group on Monday, confirming the information Parisien1. "The detectors send a message to the train driver to alert to the [...]

Aug 8

 The fusion1
Walgreen and Alliance Boots 2aura in early 2015 but it is no question that it obeys tax incentives, said Wednesday the American distributor. Pharmacies3 chain Walgreen, which holds 45% of Alliance Boots since 2012, will acquire the 55% remaining to £ 3.1 billion (€ 4 billion). The new group will hold the first [...]

Aug 3

 The American Adventure
Free1 suspended the decision of the Board of Directors of T-Mobile2. A board operator was to meet Friday afternoon to discuss the surprise offer made yesterday by the French operator, which has led to an increase of 6.5% its action on Wall Street. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal3, Xavier [...]

Jul 30

 The France.1
and Germany2 euro3 do not look the same way, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF 4) confirms with a franchise that is the challenge. Face side, French in this case, "considering labor costs, real exchange rate (the euro) is overvalued by 5% to 10%, which is consistent with the estimate of the current [...]

Jul 14

maintained the suspense these days, the direction of Airbus1 ruled. She decided to launch a "neo" version, that is to say remotorisée of its long-haul A330. Except setbacks, the decision should be formalized, from this Monday, July 14, by Fabrice Brégier2, CEO of aircraft manufacturer, at the opening of the Farnborough Airshow in England. [...]

Jul 5

threatened with stagflation in Japanese? This worst-case scenario for the Nordic champion, a leaded for over ten years, failing economy growth, is mentioned by several economists, including Paul Krugman recently, Nobel Prize 2008. Research institute Anglo-Saxon Capital Economics, very listened markets, has just published a note entitled "Sweden Is Japan in the North?".

In [...]

Jul 4

LE FIGARO. – Matteo Renzi can he redirect Europe in six-month presidency of the EU? Emma

MARCEGAGLIA. – (Laughter.) I doubt it! Who can change Europe in six months, frankly? But it can send an important message to the Council and the Commission at the beginning of his term
. Matteo Renzi has he already [...]

Apr 2

This time it's war. Smoldering since December. And Tuesday, the National Council of the automobile (CNPA1), which includes the French dealers professions, took the plunge and assigned Chevrolet France, a subsidiary of General Motors, before the High Court of Pontoise. At the root of the conflict, the decision of General Motors, announced on December [...]

Mar 28

 The brand France.1
she still sell our products and services in the world? To answer this question, which involves government, the advertising agency BETC, whose major clients are Evian2 Louis Vuitton3 or Lacoste4, conducted the first large international study on the image of our country. Over 10,000 interviews were conducted with consumers in a dozen [...]

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