Nov 16
 Mistral shipyard workers worried
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"Hundreds of jobs," is the issue of delivery of the vessels to Mistral1 Russia.2, according to unions. The decision at the Elysee and subject to the diplomatic situation in Ukraine could have a negative impact in France. More a topic of discussion at the meeting Holland Putin on Saturday on the sidelines of G203, [...]

Nov 8

Sworn promise, this time, the tax frenzy is well and truly over. A little over a year after announcing a "break fiscale1" – not held this year – the head of state took Thursday soir2 a much more precise commitment that the French will remind him if he never meets not. "From next year, [...]

Oct 31
SNCM to a receivership on Monday
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Crucial step in order to SNCM. According to our information, Transdev (a joint venture of Veolia and CDC holding 66% stake in the company) and Veolia have a letter Wednesday from requiring SNCM prepayment of loans of 103 and 14 million euros. And, from this Monday. The company Transdev confirmed the information.
The [...]

Oct 10

Jeff Bezos1, creator of Amazon2, has he paid $ 250 million to buy the aging Washington Post? This question, which agitated the media last year, may have found some answers. According to Bloomberg Businessweek information, the newspaper is preparing to release an application, available for free from the new version of the Kindle Fire3, [...]

Sep 29

The European Commission should acknowledge this week Apple have received unlawful fiscal aid from Ireland, says the daily Financial Times1, citing sources familiar with the matter. The American group would have received a tax level of 2% over 20 years thanks to agreements signed behind the scenes with the Irish State. He faces a potential [...]

Sep 19

The issue of the future of information LCI1 chain is at the heart of the concerns of TF12 group. After the CSA's decision not to allow LCI to switch to DTT, TF1 has been considering the future of the chain and is expected to unveil its findings at a works council, which will meet [...]

Sep 15

In Europe, France stands out for two reasons: it is both the country where the employer and employee contributions are the highest and the one where tax income is lower, if one believes the study conducted by the audit and consulting firm BDO and published in Le Figaro this Friday1. If employers are struggling, [...]

Sep 12

France and Italy believe they have found the magic formula to be accepted by Brussels and Berlin slippage of public finances: Rome and Paris would commit to their peers on a list of structural reforms to be implemented in the next three years in exchange for extra time to reach 3% deficit Same day [...]

Sep 8

 Farewell to flat screens
! Zero to worry, he is not returning to the CRT but moving to courbes1 screens. Unable to escape the TV with slightly curved edges (called "curved") on the electronics show in Berlin. Everyone has their own explanation for this new form, highlighting the "immersive" it brings associated with ultra high definition [...]

Sep 6

11.8 billion euros. This is the amount that represents the Russian market for the European food exports. Sometimes the pretext "health" as it did to close McDonald's1 restaurants, Russia in August restricted the importation of European food. But in the meantime
collective responses of the European Union, citizens do not remain idly. Between [...]

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