May 26


From our correspondent in Berlin

The German government will not slow to respond to calls from its European partners and the opposition in the Bundestag. According to information from Spiegel, Berlin is preparing a six-point plan to support growth in the troubled countries of the euro area. It provides for the establishment of free zones and labor market reforms on the German model.

Berlin is in favor of the creation of free zonAngeles in states shaken by the crisis in the euro area to attract foreign investors with tax rebates and less restrictive rules, the magazine said without citing sources. This project also provides that the crisis states reform their labor market on the German model by making more flexible the law on protection against dismissal or decreasing labor costs.

To overcome their difficulties, these states could also set up agencies to privatize public enterprises, a model favored by Germany after reunification to transfer assets of the former GDR. Berlin also offers its neighbors to adopt his system of training called "dual" to fight against youth unemployment. The system of youth training in Germany, which leaves much room for corporate training, proven across the Rhine.

A majority of Germans against the Eurobond

The Social Democrats SPD, whose votes are needed to ratify the treaty establishing a budget greater financial discipline to a two-thirds majority in both houses of the German Parliament, have conditioned their vote to the addition of a section on growth bad credit payday advance. "There will be no fiscal pact without support elements for growth. Without these additions, the SPD will not vote the text, "warns Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the SPD parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, and followed with Francois Hollande.

However, Steinmeier distanced himself from the French president's request to adopt European obligations in proposing the introduction of Eurobonds "under very strict conditions and when there will be a harmonized economic and financial policy" in the euro area. The SPD is following the line of the Chancellor. An overwhelming majority of Germans (79%) was against the Eurobonds, which would allow States to the euro area loans to launch common market, and against a continuation of Greece in the euro area, according to a poll released Friday .


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