May 5

Purchase insurance motorcycle

For motorcycle insurance, the insured must provide the same documents as part of a classic car insurance (car registration, driver's license, identification, disclosure statement).

If a motorcycle insurance can be underwritten by general insurance companies, insurance companies are specialized, especially online. If you want to compare the different motorcycle insurance quote, contact a broker to find the best motorcycle insurance.

Note: once the insurance contract, an insurance sticker is given to the insured. It must appear on a surface visible on the front of the plane formed by the front fork of the bike.

The guarantees offered by insurance motorcycle

The motorcycle insurance must at least be a third party insurance. While it is possible to ensure his bike all risks.

As with auto insurance policies, insurance companies also offer optional additional coverage to cover additional risks (theft, fire, injury of the driver, …)

Namely: the bikes are particularly susceptible to theft. It is therefore highly recommended to purchase a warranty for the flight in his insurance policy motorcycle.

The cost of motorcycle insurance

The insurance premium is calculated according to several criteria:

-Make and model of motorcycle,

-The power of the bike

-Profile of the insured (age, geographic location, history, 100% free credit score…)

Thus, an unbridled motorcycle, whose power has been increased or have undergone changes compromising its approval, is no longer covered by the various guarantees of the insurance policy motorcycle.

The principle of no-claims bonus is also applied, under the same rules as apply to car insurance.

The additional guarantees and options

Motorcycle insurance contracts offer specific guarantees which may cover the helmet, the top-boxes, GPS …Not only against the risk of theft, but also against damage due to accident.

In addition, some contracts offer terms based on the use of the bike. They reflect the fact that some owners do not use their bike during the winter months. To them, therefore they offer a rate allowing for a period of immobilization of the bike that can range from 2 to 6 months per year.


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