Apr 4


Nicolas Sarkozy wants to extend to "large local governments" the principle of non-replacement of retiring in two applied to the public. According to him, modulate state grants would be "very healthy" to encourage savings.

"We will extend" the policy of non-replacement of staff on two "large to local authorities, who have quite the ability to make the same effort as the state," said the president-candidate in an interview broadcast Tuesday on the magazine's website Actors public.

"This is a very important issue: since 2007, local authorities have created 100,000 jobs, while the state removed 160,000", he said no teletrek payday advance.

Nicolas Sarkozy, however, did not specify which communities that would be affected. Communities that employ the most staff are the major cities, regions and departments.

"The larger communities, which represent two thirds of local expenditures, must make the same effort that the state and they have the opportunity to reorganize, to be more efficient in their ways," Nicolas Sarkozy has insisted.

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