Oct 21

A month after the record seizure of 17 million euros in counterfeit notes in the Naples area, it is a system of tax evasion very large scale that has been made day by the Italian financial police which total over € 1.7 billion. Several companies have come together to set up a system of [...]

Oct 16

The industry still has not moved on from the collapse of Plaza2 Rana, a building of making the Bangladesh3, which had caused the death of 1,138 workers in April 2013 this catastrophe was arrested worldwide on working conditions in factories in countries with very low salaires4. A debate that is still relevant, as the [...]

Oct 10

Jeff Bezos1, creator of Amazon2, has he paid $ 250 million to buy the aging Washington Post? This question, which agitated the media last year, may have found some answers. According to Bloomberg Businessweek information, the newspaper is preparing to release an application, available for free from the new version of the Kindle Fire3, [...]

Oct 2

While they were still at the table for a consultation meeting on tax sejour1 with elected and government officials, the hotel professionals found Tuesday night in Press a project already virtually tied. In this one little change except an increase in the limit of the tax that would increase from 1.5 to 3 euros, [...]

Sep 25

Vigilance. This is the advice given by the Foreign Ministry to travelers wishing to travel thirty countries of the Maghreb, Sahel and around the Middle East. The Foreign Office has expanded its scope of geographic areas to avoid after calling the organization Islamic State (EI) to kill Occidentaux1, including French. And even before the [...]

Sep 19

The issue of the future of information LCI1 chain is at the heart of the concerns of TF12 group. After the CSA's decision not to allow LCI to switch to DTT, TF1 has been considering the future of the chain and is expected to unveil its findings at a works council, which will meet [...]

Sep 16

"Reduce spending, yes, rather than increase taxes!" At its policy statement delivered to the National Assembly this mardi1, Prime Minister Manuel Valls2 expressed its commitment to reduce the tax burden because "taxes, by their accumulation since 2010, reached an unbearable level for the French." He announced as well as six million households will see [...]

Sep 12

France and Italy believe they have found the magic formula to be accepted by Brussels and Berlin slippage of public finances: Rome and Paris would commit to their peers on a list of structural reforms to be implemented in the next three years in exchange for extra time to reach 3% deficit Same day [...]

Sep 1
New rules for bankrupt country
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 Major international banks
do learn from setbacks Argentina with vautours1 funds. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), which includes investment banking, asset management and other key players in global finance managers, has published new rules it would like respect, in order to avoid the future a minority of creditors from blocking the debt restructuring of [...]

Aug 30

Business leaders have so far remained fairly discreet in the campaign for the referendum on the independence of Scotland, to be held September 18. They enter fully into the debate by posting their divisions. One after supporters of yes to independence and maintaining those in the UK have published open letters in newspapers and [...]

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