Nov 4

To get money into the coffers next year, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said in his letter to the European Commission that it intended to implement "new measures to accelerate and strengthen the fight against fraud and tax optimization. "1 400 of the 900 million Euros it expects to recover must come to an acceleration [...]

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Oct 28

"What a year!" It ''s almost in laughing, but yellow, Marie-Françoise Marais presented the annual report of the Hadopi1, the institution to which she is president. Founded in 2010, the High Authority for the dissemination of works and protection of rights on the Internet is going through a difficult phase. "We used to roll [...]

Oct 12

Michel Sapin, who has spent three days in Washington attending the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, has paid tribute to Christine Lagarde1, which seems have been his best ally in the discussions. The French finance minister particularly appreciated the statement of IMF chief saying he must "adjust [...]

Oct 7

Glencore is studying the possibility of a merger next year with Rio Tinto that would create the largest mining group in the world, weighing about 160 billion dollars (127 billion euros) in the stock market, Bloomberg reported Monday. The group listed in London contacted the Chinese Aluminium Corporation of China (Chinalco), the largest shareholder of [...]

Oct 4

with a lighter Sweet euro? For the head of the French king chicken, which makes two thirds of its sales in dollars, there is no doubt: "Our production costs are in euros. When the euro fell to a penny against the dollar, our sales grew 0.57% year on year, says Arnaud Marion, CEO. No [...]

Sep 27

off and inoperable computers. Friday morning, the production of the World and was paralyzed for nearly an hour, the victim of a voluntary electricity 1on an entire floor of its headquarters Avenue Blanqui cut (Paris XIII) . Power was restored at about 11 hours, delaying the closure of the newspaper and threatening its [...]

Sep 19

The issue of the future of information LCI1 chain is at the heart of the concerns of TF12 group. After the CSA's decision not to allow LCI to switch to DTT, TF1 has been considering the future of the chain and is expected to unveil its findings at a works council, which will meet [...]

Sep 8

 Farewell to flat screens
! Zero to worry, he is not returning to the CRT but moving to courbes1 screens. Unable to escape the TV with slightly curved edges (called "curved") on the electronics show in Berlin. Everyone has their own explanation for this new form, highlighting the "immersive" it brings associated with ultra high definition [...]

Sep 1
New rules for bankrupt country
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 Major international banks
do learn from setbacks Argentina with vautours1 funds. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), which includes investment banking, asset management and other key players in global finance managers, has published new rules it would like respect, in order to avoid the future a minority of creditors from blocking the debt restructuring of [...]

Jun 29
Battle on Internet for vacation rentals
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 He did not
maybe not the media notoriety Site Airbnb, but the world's leading online vacation rental called HomeAway. This American group, owner, France, HomeAway and the Homelidays sites offers rentals worldwide. He started with 70,000 listings for apartments and holiday homes there nine years. He just crossed the barrier of one million ads. "In [...]

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