Sep 8

 Farewell to flat screens
! Zero to worry, he is not returning to the CRT but moving to courbes1 screens. Unable to escape the TV with slightly curved edges (called "curved") on the electronics show in Berlin. Everyone has their own explanation for this new form, highlighting the "immersive" it brings associated with ultra high definition [...]

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Sep 1
New rules for bankrupt country
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 Major international banks
do learn from setbacks Argentina with vautours1 funds. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), which includes investment banking, asset management and other key players in global finance managers, has published new rules it would like respect, in order to avoid the future a minority of creditors from blocking the debt restructuring of [...]

Jun 29
Battle on Internet for vacation rentals
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 He did not
maybe not the media notoriety Site Airbnb, but the world's leading online vacation rental called HomeAway. This American group, owner, France, HomeAway and the Homelidays sites offers rentals worldwide. He started with 70,000 listings for apartments and holiday homes there nine years. He just crossed the barrier of one million ads. "In [...]

May 2

 If ever
auction were to take place between Electric1 General (GE) and Siemens, the giant would the respondent. He is sitting on $ 89 billion of cash. This jackpot is accumulated profits over the years by the conglomerate. Such a wealth explains that offering to pay $ 13.5 billion in "cash" for Alstom's activities in [...]

Mar 9

what got stung for François Hollande proposes that, on December 31 evening, a "pact of responsibility"? So that it takes a social democratic turn that nobody saw coming, deemed essential to get the economy back on track? In the shade, some influential players have worked hard in his conversion.
This article is available [...]

Feb 19

The vulnerability of French finance face does not bode reassuring. According to an exclusive survey on the French 1of financial vulnerability created by the Audencia Nantes School of Management 2In part of its Chair Banques Populaires, knowledge of French financial principles do not allow them to meet in case of difficulty. "The idea of [...]

Dec 29

The feat is huge, and it's French. May 2014 will be inaugurated on Port Tunnel Miami1 which will eventually unloading of goods from offshore freighters and bypass downtown Miami, stifled by increasing traffic.
Originally this technique performance, Bouygues, with a contract of 663 million dollars (480 million euros), drilled 1.1 km on a [...]

Oct 22

Poverty is gaining ground in France. This is the teaching of the survey on the state of poverty in France, 1 recently published by the Observatory of inequality. Since the mid 2000s, the number of poor people has increased steadily, reaching 8.8 million in 2011.
With the increase in unemployment, job insecurity is [...]

Oct 18

To keep farms in France over the next ten years throughout the country and that France remains competitive, agriculture will have to evolve. And damn. This is what emerges from a study published Monday by the General Commission for the prospective one (CSPF) and conducted by the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA). Besides [...]

Oct 15

This is an old lady who met will change its name. The famous International Herald Tribune 1 ("IHT" for short), daily launched in Paris in 1887 under the name New York Herald Tribune and for American expatriates, will be renamed the International Tuesday New York Times 2. The idea of ​​the media group: capitalize [...]

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