Oct 29

After a standoff with EDF1 in the bill on énergétique2 transition, Segolene Royal3, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, announced that it wanted to introduce a new calculation method of regulated electricity prices that would always contain price increases. Qu'EDF4 rates apply today to 28.5 million homes in France, despite opening the market [...]

Oct 21

A month after the record seizure of 17 million euros in counterfeit notes in the Naples area, it is a system of tax evasion very large scale that has been made day by the Italian financial police which total over € 1.7 billion. Several companies have come together to set up a system of [...]

Oct 5

projects for the city of Paris. And only 9 used to improve the quality of life of the Parisians, who were asked for their priorities. This was the menu for this first edition of the participatory budget vote, which took place from 24 September to 1 October. In total, more than 40,000 people voted. [...]

Sep 25

Vigilance. This is the advice given by the Foreign Ministry to travelers wishing to travel thirty countries of the Maghreb, Sahel and around the Middle East. The Foreign Office has expanded its scope of geographic areas to avoid after calling the organization Islamic State (EI) to kill Occidentaux1, including French. And even before the [...]

Sep 22

 New twists in
strike at Air France. While negotiations are stalled and that the strike enters its second week, events are accelerating this Monday morning. Among them, the management proposal to suspend the project until December Transavia Europe, the low-Coste subsidiary of Air France, the origin of the conflict. In exchange, the airline wants to [...]

Sep 8

 Farewell to flat screens
! Zero to worry, he is not returning to the CRT but moving to courbes1 screens. Unable to escape the TV with slightly curved edges (called "curved") on the electronics show in Berlin. Everyone has their own explanation for this new form, highlighting the "immersive" it brings associated with ultra high definition [...]

Sep 4

 Photo credits
nito – Fotolia
LE FIGARO. – Claiming a right to disconnect when we telecoms operator is not it iconoclast? Bruno
METTLING1. – Digitalization will transform working life, modes of management and employee relations in the workplace. Companies must anticipate changes that await them and which they can not escape. Otherwise, we [...]

Aug 8

 The fusion1
Walgreen and Alliance Boots 2aura in early 2015 but it is no question that it obeys tax incentives, said Wednesday the American distributor. Pharmacies3 chain Walgreen, which holds 45% of Alliance Boots since 2012, will acquire the 55% remaining to £ 3.1 billion (€ 4 billion). The new group will hold the first [...]

Aug 3

 The American Adventure
Free1 suspended the decision of the Board of Directors of T-Mobile2. A board operator was to meet Friday afternoon to discuss the surprise offer made yesterday by the French operator, which has led to an increase of 6.5% its action on Wall Street. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal3, Xavier [...]

Jul 7

Bruno Ledoux, main shareholder Liberation alongside Patrick Drahi1, details its plan of action.

LE FIGARO -. You just named Laurent Joffrin Johan Hufnagel and the head of the editor. The new release is in place? Bruno

LEDOUX. – I set a course. I really wanted to further management, which for me is the key [...]

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