Sep 8

 Farewell to flat screens
! Zero to worry, he is not returning to the CRT but moving to courbes1 screens. Unable to escape the TV with slightly curved edges (called "curved") on the electronics show in Berlin. Everyone has their own explanation for this new form, highlighting the "immersive" it brings associated with ultra high definition [...]

Sep 4

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LE FIGARO. – Claiming a right to disconnect when we telecoms operator is not it iconoclast? Bruno
METTLING1. – Digitalization will transform working life, modes of management and employee relations in the workplace. Companies must anticipate changes that await them and which they can not escape. Otherwise, we [...]

Aug 8

 The fusion1
Walgreen and Alliance Boots 2aura in early 2015 but it is no question that it obeys tax incentives, said Wednesday the American distributor. Pharmacies3 chain Walgreen, which holds 45% of Alliance Boots since 2012, will acquire the 55% remaining to £ 3.1 billion (€ 4 billion). The new group will hold the first [...]

Aug 3

 The American Adventure
Free1 suspended the decision of the Board of Directors of T-Mobile2. A board operator was to meet Friday afternoon to discuss the surprise offer made yesterday by the French operator, which has led to an increase of 6.5% its action on Wall Street. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal3, Xavier [...]

Jul 7

Bruno Ledoux, main shareholder Liberation alongside Patrick Drahi1, details its plan of action.

LE FIGARO -. You just named Laurent Joffrin Johan Hufnagel and the head of the editor. The new release is in place? Bruno

LEDOUX. – I set a course. I really wanted to further management, which for me is the key [...]

Apr 18
Bankers' pay rose sharply in 2013
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Arnaud, Minister of Economy, blasted Thursday in the Senate, increases remuneration of French bosses banks 20132. For him, these salaries are unjustified because banks n have not fulfilled their mission to finance the economy. This recurring accusation surprised because the Bank of France had to disclose statistics rather positive on this point. "The figures [...]

Apr 17

Danielgraf1 had tweeted twice. His third tweet remain yet in the young history of the company. On April 15, the boss of Google Maps has revealed himself that he would join the teams of social network. This announcement, combined with the purchasing analyst Gnip2 data had immediate effects … Exchange. The action of Twitter3 [...]

Mar 18

launches "cheaper" model, the concept remains relative. The group markets since March 18 iPhone 5s 2to 559 euros (without subscription) to 8GB of memory. Making it the least expensive of its new phone offer, but is by no means synonymous with a descent range. While most of the growth of the market should do [...]

Mar 12

"You can eat, dress, move with French products, provided they agree to change their way of eating, and it even takes a lot of sacrifices," Benjamin says Carle1 journalist 25 years who lived for one year 100% French2. Since May, from sunrise to sunset, the young journalist turned into guinea pig made in France [...]

Mar 4
Explosion of tablet sales in 2013
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a market for consumer electronics has there been such an increase. Last year, 195 million tablets were sold worldwide, according Gartner1. An increase of 68% in a year and a record for a market that has really emerged in 2010 with the launch of the first iPad2.

The increase in sales was driven by [...]

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