Oct 27
Great debate on top-hat
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This is a polémique1 like France has the secret. Since Wednesday and a few lines in the Canard Enchaîné, the debate on pensions-chapeau2 leaders bounced on the case of Gerard Mestrallet3, CEO of GDF Suez, the designated successor to 2016, Isabelle Kocher, was named Tuesday (also see page 41).
The supplementary pension plan [...]

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Oct 15

neutral cigarettes or third party payer widespread among physicians, Marisol Touraine defends his bill on Wednesday that it will present to the Council of Ministers. "The aim of this law is to radically overhaul our health care system around the local doctor," said the Minister of Health in an interview with Le Parisien-Today-en-France. • [...]

Sep 30

The flight certificate, what is it?
This is a set of documents given to the manufacturer certifying that the aircraft in question – here A350-900 – with its equipment meets the safety criteria described in European Regulation on SR 25 aircraft with over 100 seats. This is a signed certificate which is attached [...]

Sep 11

Years pass and Google France is still a champion of tax optimization. In 2013, its French subsidiary paid € 7.7 million income tax, according to its annual accounts published it a few days ago. That's 18% more than last year1, but still small in relation to the reality of its business.
Like many [...]

Aug 18

 France has
she made her digital revolution in the book? Not really, if one believes GfK figures: in 2013, 5 million e-books were purchased, for a turnover of EUR 44 million, or just over 1% of the French market Book. However, this slump would be taking end. "The trend is very strong, and we are [...]

Aug 13

"I hate the word promotion. I first rugby because I love it. " Rather than good image, and now the former International XV of France coentraîneure ladies player, Nathalie Amiel prefers to speak of the beautiful game displayed by his players. "Show a beautiful image that's great, but the image is only the result [...]

Jul 24

throughout the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is considered arid. The French group has yet to Castel1 there produce its first batch of cabernet and chardonnay, merlot and syrah at 1600 meters altitude. The adventure began in 2007, at the request of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who wanted to produce a local quality wine. One [...]

Jul 11

A terrible blow to the government! Friday, the Administrative Court of Cergy-Pontoise has retoqué the "approval" of officer 1 plan Mory Ducros, decided in March by the labor administration. According to the judge who heard the case, how in 2800 dismissed employees were selected does not comply with labor law.

"The court ruled that [...]

Apr 15

 The Ukrainian crisis
Will it poses to the health of world trade? In its report released Monday, the WTO states that it does not take into account "geopolitical risks" because, by definition, they are unpredictable. The organization Geneva nonetheless stresses that conflicts, including between Russia and Ukraine1, increase the uncertainty of its predictions, generally optimistic. [...]

Apr 7

probably enough to silence a critical part in choosing Vivendi 1Who opted for a sale of SFR 2to Numericable3. Patrick Drahi clever maneuver, the boss Altice-Numericable, announced Monday morning that its holding Altice 4allait buy stake of 34.6% held by Carlyle (21.32%) and Cinven (13.27%) in Numericable. At the current price of Numericable action, [...]

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