May 2


Thousands of people started marching Tuesday across France to say no to them according to the austerity imposed by the European Union and call for a genuine policy of growth to five days before the second round of presidential elections.

Nearly 290 processions are announced by the CGT, one in the afternoon in Paris, where walkers will have been preceded by a National Front demonstration and where they will parade during a political rally organized by the outgoing president.

The inter-union (CFDT, CGT, FSU, UNSA and Solidaires) promises that there will be no political message on the banners of the first parades in May, but the CGT, unlike other organizations, called for " beat Nicolas Sarkozy. "

In Marseille, about 20,000 people, according to unions, protested for a parade more social than political. "This gives it a special flavor, but we do not mean our demands immediate demands in the pocket," said the delegate county of the CGT, Mireille Chessa. The banner head behind which all the unions, with the exception of FO, marched, summed up this attitude. "Against the austerity policies, workers united for social progress" could be read. Fralib employees, who for nearly two years to oppose the closure of the last site in France to make the teas The Elephant, opened the procession.

In Bordeaux, more than twelve thousand people walked the streets of the city. A response far greater than a year ago, according to organizers. "We believe the participation of 15,000 people," welcomed on behalf of the Inter Cathy Sargenton, spokesman for the CGT Gironde. She said only 3,000 people were mobilized during the May 1, 2011.  

Between 10,000 and 40,000 demonstrators, police or the organizers, marched through the streets of Toulouse, where slogans against the outgoing president did not fail. The banner head, badged CGT, CFDT, UNSA and FSU, was as traditional themes such as defense of trade unionism in wages, employment or public service, but most political slogans have also fused. Unions have strongly mobilized in Rennes. CGT announced the presence of 10,000 people when she had recorded that in 1250 the last year. The prefecture has reported a provisional figure of 6,000 protesters. Where the band head of the Inter-CGT, CFDT, FSU, UNSA and Solidarity stood by social demands on employment, pensions, purchasing power and the struggle "against all discrimination," the The atmosphere was much behind policy.

Holland in Nevers to honor Beregovoy

About 1500 people marched in 4500 in Strasbourg and Mulhouse, according to a statement made on site by Reuters, a significant interest in Alsace, while the region is in middle of spring break and the CFDT was not involved, as organization, in the event high quality business cards.

In Strasbourg, where employees of the Caddy truck manufacturer, in receivership, opened the parade, only a few slogans directly recalled the presidential election, as "If you're against Sarkozy, clap your hands", sung by the Orchestra of the CGT.  

In Paris, delegations from the Socialist Party and the Left Front should remain in the rear of the parade as not to hinder the trade unionists and Francois Hollande has chosen to honor Nevers (Nièvre) to Pierre Beregovoy, the Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand, who s 'committed suicide there are exactly nineteen years.

Union leaders see as a "provocation" of Nicolas Sarkozy's decision to hold its own gathering on the job after reporting since the beginning of the campaign "these intermediate bodies" that are the unions.

"On 1 May for the workers and anyone else," said Francois Chereque on Tuesday BFMTV. The secretary general of the CFDT, which does not give instructions to vote, said the speech of Nicolas Sarkozy on the job has become "unbearable." "Every time there was a takeover in the history of politics on this holiday (May 1, Ed), was derived in a context of undemocratic," he said Monday in an interview published by Liberation.

Thibault argues for a social Europe

The secretary general of the CGT, Bernard Thibault, has instead confirmed he called to vote for Francois Hollande. "The CGT called to fight the current president," he said on Europe 1. "I am surprised that some are surprised that a union of employees can have an opinion about the issues of a presidential election."

"It's from the social balance sheet, economic and president of his intentions – among his first, he wants to, as the employers claimed, a reform of the definition of termination for economic reasons," that this position has was taken, he said.  

The SGC requires a minimum wage to 1,700 euros per month and expects Francois Hollande, who has promised a big meeting with the social partners if elected on May 6 before deciding, he goes in that direction very quickly. Bernard Thibault believes that the austerity measures introduced in the European Union led the latter to the disaster and calls for a social Europe.

To better themselves as "unifier" Nicolas Sarkozy faced with a "who wants to divide", the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande has sent a letter to leaders of the five confederations. He reiterated his promise to do major players in the next five years if they win.

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